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Oslo University Botanical Garden - Public facility featuring plant collections, specialty gardens, and an exhibition greenhouse. Information about visiting, exhibitions and collections, and research.

Botanique - Offers contact information for gardens, arboreta, and nature sites in the United States and Canada. Locations listed by state or province.

Montreal Estate Gardens - Formal, plantation, and rainforest gardens are among the attractions of this public garden in the mountains of the Island of St Vincent in the Caribbean.

Botanical Gardens of Croatia - Overview of botanical gardens and arboreta in Croatia, each with a one-page description or a link to further information.

The Botanical Garden of the University of Vienna - Specialized in mountain flora, pharmaceutical plants, and succulents, with special collections and a tropical greenhouse. Overview, and information about visiting.

National Botanic Garden of Belgium - Botanical garden near Brussels. Overview of history, mission, and educational opportunities, visitor information, and calendar of events.

University of Copenhagen: Botanical Garden & Museum - Displays Denmark's largest collection of living plants and houses the country's only gene bank for wild species. Other features include a palm house, with tropicals, orchids, cacti and succulents, and cycads.

Wilson Botanical Gardens - Tropical premontane rainforest and planted gardens near San Vito, Costa Rica. Features a jungle walk, as well as trails through collections of heliconias, bromeliads, tree ferns, bamboo, and orchids.

Finnish Museum of Natural History Botanic Garden - Maintaining a collection of living plants for use in research and teaching, and takes part in an international seed exchange. Information about public and research collections, greenhouses, and tours.

International Peace Garden - Straddling the US-Canadian border between North Dakota and Manitoba, this expansive park features lawns, vistas, and floral displays. History, on-site museums, visitor information.

Tallinn Botanic Garden - Facility in Estonia features an arboretum and outdoor collections of roses, perennials, bulbous plants, and annuals, arranged into themed gardens, as well as a greenhouse with tropical plants.

St. George Village Botanical Garden - Aims to conserve the native plant species of St. Croix, as well as threatened species of other Caribbean islands suited to local environmental conditions. Its collections include bromeliads, cacti and succulents, orchids, with rainforest areas as well as a dry palmetum.

Bermuda's Gardens - Illustrated listing with information on garden destinations in Bermuda.

Andromeda Botanic Gardens - Tropical garden on East coast of Barbados, with collections of palms, heliconias, succulents, medicinal plants, and orchids. Information on educational facilities, and photo galleries.

Belize Botanic Garden - Native species are presented in an educational setting, including special collections such as Heliconias, orchids, and palms. Education on the horticultural heritage of Belize, including sustainable agriculture. - A guide to garden tours and history, historic parks, and botanic collections open to the public in the UK, USA, Europe, Japan, India, and Australia.

Nikko Botanical Garden - Garden of the University of Tokyo presents an overview of its history, activities, and collections.



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