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The Wildlife Porch - Information to help you attract colorful wildlife, wild birds and butterflies to your small outdoor area, whether suburbia or city, stoop, patio, porch, balcony or deck.

Wildscaping - Articles on garden ecology and attracting wildlife to help you make your yard more 'Earth-friendly'. Suite 101 site.

Space For Nature Wildlife Gardening Forum - Gardening for wildlife and the natural history of garden wildlife. Feature articles, calendar, news, links and galleries.

Habitat Gardening in Central New York - Describes how to create a backyard habitat, conservation measures, and photos of a certified Backyard Wildlife Habitat.

The Butterfly WebSite Article List - Lists of articles from various publications about wildlife gardening. - Dedicated to wildlife gardening and conservation with information to attract wildlife.

Wrenaissance - A Backyard Wildlife Habitat - A backyard wildlife habitat.

Wildforms - British site dedicated to wildlife and natural gardening, with information/identification pages for invertebrate and vertebrate wildlife, projects and guides, as well as an online shop.

Pacific Northwest Native Wildlife Gardening - Resource site for gardeners in the Northern U.S. and Canadian Pacific coastal areas. Discussion list, directories of organizations and nurseries, and plant and animal listings.

Gardening for Wildlife - Information on native plant, bird, butterfly and wildlife gardening in Florida.

Ron's Hedgehog Web Site - How to make a garden friendly to hedgehogs and how to attract them into a garden.

Backyard Wildlife Habitat - Guidelines for creating a backyard wildlife habitat. Topics cover backyard birding, butterfly gardening, attracting wildlife, and environmental issues.

English Country Garden - A catalogue of birds, animals, flowers and trees found in an English Country Garden.

Gardening in the Rockies - Butterfly and hummingbird gardening using annuals. By Karen L. Panter, Colorado State University Cooperative Extension Agent.

Wild About Gardening - Canadian Wildlife Federation site about gardening for wildlife. Articles about attracting insects, birds, amphibians, and bats, plant selection, seasonal features, sources of native plants, and information about programs.

Wildlife Gardening Adventures - Consulting business in Maryland offering advice, evaluation and design services for homeowners and organizations wishing to create a wildlife-friendly property using native plants. Information about services, schedule of events, and illustrated examples.

Leisa's Backyard Wildlife Habitat - Photographs and notes of wildlife that visit a certified backyard habitat including birds, butterflys, dragonflys, bugs, critters plus before and after pictures of habitat including flowers.

Birds and Blooms - A magazine for bird, butterfly and garden lovers with online subscription, email tips list, pictures, contests and products to order.



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